Retail & Wholesale Bundle Options

Welcome to our bundles, fundraisers and wholesale section! I offer up items I make for both personal and retail use in different configurations! I thought it would be nice to make my buttons available for people to sell for their own charity drives, fundraisers, and local community. Because I mean really let's face it, who DOESN'T love cute buttons drawn up by a kid and the story of where you got them from! (such a good story, someone should start a business out of it! OH WAIT)

You can mix and match items from my webstore: any button, sticker or magnet that you see in the webstore is available for bundling and wholesale! Let's say you want to order from the 5 for $10 deal, but you wanted 2 stickers and 3 buttons? no problem! maybe you want 5 of the same button and not an assortment, once again no problem!

A note on the $20 for 25 deal! this is geared towards people wanting to do their own fundraising using my designs, retail locations (preferably for their own charity/fundraising purposes but not a requirement!) or just for individuals that just want more buttons to give away and spread the pawsitivity to friends, family and strangers

when ordering any bundle option, please include an order note to specify which items you would like

2 for $5 - any sticker, button or magnet. ADD TO CART
5 for $10 - any sticker, button or magnet.
25 for $20 - any sticker, button or magnet.

2 for $5 mix and match
$5 - add to cart

5 for $10 mix and match
$10 - add to cart

25 for $20 mix and match
$20 - add to cart